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Being the weakest and also having nothing to offer can put you at the bottom of the food chain in any situation, but it magnifies significantly if you live in a pack where everyone or at least most have something valuable to offer. Anything of value like your lineage or money can work and if you have both that means you don't have to worry about lifting your finger to even feed your self but if you don't have both you should at least have strength to support the pack. If you are like me and some of the weakest wolves then you become the person who cleans up and feeds the people that can offer something. I was fine with that since I can't fight to save my life let alone defend others, I don't have good family support or the ability to financially support the pack that helped keep me safe so I believed that it was the least I can do. That is how I use to think but I went down even further from that level of being an accepted servant and omega when my dad betrayed the pack and left me with them. And that was the beginning of my nightmares and let me just say life has not been fun after that.

The Begining

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Road Towa...
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