Two Alphas One Luna
By nightlighe01
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"Your mind games aren't going to work on me." I assert staring him dead in the eye. "You can stake your claim all you want, it isn't going to change the way I think or feel about you," I add as an afterthought. A fury filled growl infiltrates the calm air as his orbits alternate between an enchanting cobalt blue and mysterious golden. With anger fueling his powerful strides, he reaches besides me within seconds pinning me against the closest tree as his minty breath fans my cheeks. "Too late for that love," he whispers huskily into my ears sending sensual sparks throughout my body forcing me to close my eyes involuntarily. I can feel his lip curve into a smirk, causing an embarrassing blush to tint my cheeks. But within a flash, the moment comes to an end when our bodies are separated by a sudden force. I quickly recover from the sudden action that lands me a few feet away from the tree that I once rudely slammed against. I look back at the tree only to witness the staredown between two powerful beasts ready to shift any moment. ... A second chance is offered every century by the moon goddess as a solace to all these grief-stricken wolves who have either lost their mates or never found them. A human who possesses the ability to become any werewolf's mate is that miracle of comfort. Unknown to the fact that she is the answer to the countless helpless pleas of the werewolf world, eighteen-year-old Faith continues to struggle with her own daemons. Oblivious to this world where every mateless werewolf look at her with desire and hope, Faith finds herself pushed into it without warning and stuck between two Alphas who claim her as theirs. A thousand can claim her, but who will she choose to accept? Her choice will be their destiny Amazing cover by Softie113123 ~Thanks All right reserved ©


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Two Alpha...
by nightlighe01