Letters to the Stra...
By Stars-vs-Chocolates
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Meet Halle. A young brilliant black woman with a passion for writing. When Halle first left school, she'd had aspirations of pursuing her longtime dream only to wound up Assistant to the Editor in Chief at a local magazine. That's life for you ... A big sloppy ball of humour. It didn't help that her boss was the neighbourhood Scrooge either. One day, she finds a letter left her mailbox and though it wasn't addressed to her, it may just change her life forever. Meet Nate. A workaholic and the young C.E.O of Bane Industries. In his few years, Nate's been searching for love the likes of what his parents shared and had told him about so many times before but hasn't found it yet. Instead, he entertains relations with a socialite. He had everything anyone could want for, and yet he had nothing at all. While on a spur-of-the-moment vacation planned by his secretary, Nate writes a love-letter that may just bring him closer to what he's been looking for. They live two completely different lives ... but love transcends all bounds, doesn't it? At least, that's what the elderly say. What do you think? Can they work? Why don't you read to find out? All Rights Reserved. ----- Now available on the Dreame app or website. Link below: https://www.dreame.com/novel/NJ9rmTahUMQU7ALoa8A88w%3D%3D-Letters-to-the-Stranger-[BWWM].html

Chapter 1 - A Misdirected Letter

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Letters t...
by Stars-vs-Chocolates