SoulMates: A Forbid...
By AriesAngeloAuthor
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Soulmates, are we destined for one? Or does the universe play in mysterious ways? A soulmate is an intense bond between two people, an invisible bond that is impenetrable and the most powerful emotional bond there is. This bond is a magnetic pull that only your soulmate will feel, they are your air, your blood, your other half. The emotions are so strong, you feel what they feel. Every breath, every jolt in your veins, every pain they endure, even death. But what if destiny decides to alter that bond, will you survive this slit that caused pain or will there be another chain that will mend this torture of solitude? Follow my journey of life and death. My life wasn't perfect until I met him. Now it's different. A Forbidden Love that made me stronger, this is my story of love, life, and grief. Stay with me, my life has a happy ending but with every happy ending comes a back story and this is mine... Aurora tries to fill the empty void in her heart, she meets Landon, who is impulsive, arrogant but later finds the gentle sweet warmth from him. Destiny has a story for them but not everything is colorful. They find a ripple that crushes their path, will it end their fate or bring a new beginning. Sensitive topic of suicide mentioned in some chapters. All right reserved to AriesAngeloAuthor. Completed: March 7, 2021

Meeting Him

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by AriesAngeloAuthor