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Kei Tsukishima was never into Volleyball as much as his teamates. He wasn't much excited to attend a week long traing camp with the team either. For some reason, the only thing to make the camp better was Tetsuro Kuroo. Tsuki found himself coming back to Kuroo over and over again, even when the camp was over and Kuroo and Tsuki were seperated by multiple miles. This is my first Haikyuu story and it's actually the first anime I've ever watched so sorry if I get something wrong or anything like that. This story takes place from mid season 2 to mid seasone 3 so keep that in mind. I don't own any of the characters in this story they all belong to their rightful owner. Some of the chapters have bits and pieces taken from the show but know that not the whole thing is going to be exacyly the same as the show.


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and someh...
by fanficceteral