In A Matchmaking
By ishitascribbles
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"We're preparing for a heartbreak Ketki, Both of us don't want it" he whispered from the other side of the phone. "Does this mean we won't talk?" "Not until all my feelings go away" "Why does this feel like a goodbye?" I almost cried. Almost. "Goodbye Ketki" --- Ketki Malhotra was a bullied and body shamed girl who used art as her release. Slowly, her heart became close to the strangers and increased towards the emotions she let out through her paintings. Ahaan Sharma was under tremendous pressure of acing his CA Finals and being the brother of a CA topper wasn't easy, he had to pass his exams in the first attempt itself. The time for happiness squeezed out of his life and became all-nighters for studies. However, both of them join their hands and come together to get their elder siblings married but matchmaking would bring them together too. Their clashing yet same personalities make it impossible for them to stay away from each other but their insecurities have the best of them and not to mention their attraction towards each other. 'This is a spin-off of 'In a Month' but can be read as a standalone'

In A Matchmaking

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In A Matc...
by ishitascribbles