Forgotten Sweethear...
By melbender
  • Romance
  • anger
  • arrogant
  • businessman
  • cheating
  • cold
  • divorce
  • dominant
  • family
  • fighting
  • hurt
  • lies
  • nanowrimo
  • passion
  • pregnancy
  • sexualcontent
  • thewriteaffair
  • wattys2014


New release! (( This book is a sneak peek at what is now available on Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited! There are 5 chapters available for you to view, but the rest of the story is removed due to Publishing rules. )) "Things change and I finally realised that trying to fix us was nothing but a mistake." He was never there for her, and she doubted him. And it is already taking its toll on their marriage. When the only solution is to divorce, they decided to try one last time again. High school sweethearts, Gabriella and Brody's married life is far different from when they were younger. It wasn't all sweets and candies as they had expected. Instead, every time they are together, all they do is fight, yell and scream. As much as they want to keep their relationship and family afloat, they cannot deny that they have started to grow apart. But that was until they went on a surprise holiday vacation... What if they can rekindle their fire in the most passionate way possible? Will it save their failing relationship or will it die down for good? Steamy, seductive and romantic, this is a story that will show you that it is possible to fall in love over and over again.


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by melbender