Finding Our Way
By meghanmac101
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Lexi Olson does not hook up let alone date anybody. She has perfect grades, great roommates, and a bright career ahead of her, but when she lets her guard down with the top MLB prospect, everything changes. Can she overcome her sexual baggage with him or is she too far gone to be saved? Two things have always come easy to Mason Young: baseball and girls. He never wanted a relationship until he meets a fiery brunette one night who will change his life forever. But when he makes a mistake the first night can he recover from it or will he strike out trying? **Excerpt** I stare at him. How could I possibly damage his ego? He could have any girl he wants, I'm pretty sure his ego is perfectly fine. "I want to help you." he says. "Help me?" "Yeah. In the bedroom." "You seemed to like what I did just fine last night. Excuse me." I say through clenched teeth.


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Finding O...
by meghanmac101