El Ultimo Beso
By bibliophilemanu25
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Affection showered over the ones you love marks the fact that you really do care about the person on the other end. We may never express ourselves, tearing our veil down in front of the ones you truly care about. But it is a fact well known that the passionate respect that burns in your heart never drowns. Out of a chiliad of ways known since the cosmos booted up, a kiss has always been seen as the fons et origo of the pivotal string that binds two souls. Yes, I have to agree that a kiss is sometimes seen as something filthy, and a non licet. But there are kisses that never sealed your lips, but in a go, sealed your hearts, leaving a mark behind forever, making you invest, and vetoing you from letting go. Kisses of the ones that matter the most in your life, gives you a delirium that you shall never find even when the world ends. The start of an emotional, yet anatomical connect, a kiss is special in many unique ways. A Kiss, that starts a feverish connect, may not always end things the way you wanted. A Kiss, may ruin a human life. A Kiss, may bring tears to your eyes. A Kiss, has in it, to break your heart. A Kiss, can also be someone's last adieu. In El Ultimo Beso (Spanish for 'The Last Kiss'), the author deals with the last kisses ever expressed in the form of poems, and how it greatly affected the person on the other end and the society when time passed.

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El Ultimo...
by bibliophilemanu25