Academy of Unbroken...
By Lexilovexox
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Ever heard of those schools back then filled with strict teachers and perfect students ? Yeah, well they still exist. Let me introduce you to Redberry Academy for girls . Where rules are never broken and you only talk when spoken to . All of us have our futures planed out. I did too, until I met someone that changed it all. Someone who taught me things that I would never have known . Who showed me things that I never noticed . Who made me feel things that nobody else has made me feel before . I have always wanted to break a rule before , but that person made me break them all . That boy saved me from being someone that I'm not. Most importantly though he showed me how to fall in love . But sometimes things don't always go as planned . *Amazing cover done by @crazylovers78 ! Check out her page and some of the works done by her :)*

Academy of Unbroken rules

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Academy o...
by Lexilovexox