Sonic Harem X Op Ma...
By JustyTurner
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Y/n L/n Wakes up on a beach without no memory as to what happened to him or how he got there. He hold a mysterious emerald like crystal on his hand as he walk out of the beach and into a nearby town as he wonder the streets wondering about his past and what happened to him. He was later encountered by Team Chaotix who ask Y/n to hand over what they call it a Chaos Emerald. Y/n doesn't trust them and he runs off following Chaotix behind him but it was cut short when a massive robot army sent my a mad scientist named Doctor Eggman attacks the town and Team Chaotix have no choice but to protect the people. During the attack Y/n use the powers within the Chaos Emerald to protect a group of family by firming blue electricity all over the city and destroying all the bots within before he passes out due him using too much Chao energy. Now Y/n will join the Freedom Fighters as he will help them in their war while trying to figure out his past and what is his connections to the Chaos Emerald's.

Main Protagonist

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Sonic Har...
by JustyTurner