what do i live for...
By castielspielover
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uh, first writing so tell me how i do..and if i should go forward. ---------- "why should you care!? you don't f*cking understand me!" jason yelled at his obviously drunken and high parents slamming his bedroom door.. the smell coated the small home as if it was a litaral..well.. drug house. he whimpered curling up on his bed now nearly sobbing before he heard a soft tap at his window; it being his neighbor and best friend..... _________________ jason is a young teen whos had a pretty messed up child hood, never having the love a child and now teenager should have. can a friend (luke) ...or even stranger change that with one simple gesture? or will ever thing eventually spiral down even more or just what shall come from this. Bxbxb Cover by: @axidbaby

How it all started..(flashback..kinda)

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what do i...
by castielspielover