Into The Code
By TinyCookies123
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Two figures stand in what remains of a blank world, one figure, who wore a black cloak surveyed the destruction that he failed to prevent. "This world falls apart faster than I can fix it..." he sighs. "I need to find her, she's one of the only ones who can help... and I hope this time around I will not be too late to save this world." the figure looks at the other, white eyes shining with determination, as he holds out his hand. The other wore a snow white cloak that was a bit dirty and he looked up, red eyes glowing blood red as he looks at the others hand. The white eyed one spoke when he had the others attention. "Are you willing to help?" the other grinned and took his hand shook it. " you bet your ass I am" A/N this story will have 100 chapters

The Glitch Who Watches From The Shadows

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Into The...
by TinyCookies123