The Vampire and The...
By SammyE9
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[BOOK ONE OF THE VAMPIRE AND THE GHOST SERIES] She's dead, he's undead. An unusual duo make their way through the modern world, and its modern challenges. Annalise Redwood had spent too much time alone, floating in a centuries old house. The very same house she was murdered in 5 years before. She'd watched people leave, come in, investigate and even squat in this house. Yet none of them stayed long. And more importantly none of them saw her. It was hell, and she swore she was cursed. But this all changes, on the 5th anniversary of her death when a seemingly normal young man walks in. And he sees her. Eugene Cubert was old. Too old. He was done with life, had lived, breathed (well not really) and seen too much for one soul to bare. Quite frankly all he wanted to do was find a nice house to live in and spend the rest of the century comfortably locked away from all of the supernatural and natural. He's visiting his 5th house that day, when he hears it. A woman, screaming to be seen. And then he sees her. And nothings quite the same after that. ---------------------------------------------------- #No.2 in paranormal 3/7/2021 #No.1 in ghost 9/7/2021 #No.8 in murder 2/8/2021 Updates weekly! (unless otherwise said)

Prologue: A lonely afterlife

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The Vampi...
by SammyE9