Crystal Bond [Jikoo...
By Roseplum_113
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《 a/n : This story is not some typical random mermaid romance fanfiction, trust me guys it will be really interesting and very sinful to read 》 The love story of a Human and Mermaid (Merman) how the two opposites fell in love with each other. The Emperor of underwater found himself lying on the surface of earth when opened his eyes, he was hypnotized with the sight of the most ethereal beauty infront of his gaze. While on the other hand the most powerful and successful business tycoon of South Korea the CEO of Park Enterprises finds himself falling for this unknown creature. Will the Emperor of Seaworld find his mate in the form of a human ? was Jimin his destined Empress ? was Jimin his crystal bond of love ? sideships : Namjin, Minimoni, taegi, sope etc (taegihope are in polyrelationship) contains : humanxmermaid fluff smut suspense mystery fantasy Seaworld mpreg ofcourse happy ending ☆topjungkook☆ ☆bottomjimin☆ Started : 8 January 2021 ended : ongoing If you are uncomfortable with mature content and smut scenes please stay away from this book. And I'm extremely sorry if any grammatical mistakes found in the story. TRANSLATION OF MY BOOKS IS NOT ALLOWED !

☆Intro of Characters☆

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Crystal B...
by Roseplum_113