The Facade of a Fla...
By _kaywrites
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Three kingdoms, one flame Who will light it first? Kade Brontide lives a quiet life of thieving and gambling. She's a nobody...but not for long. A thousand-year-old prophecy is spread throughout the kingdoms which contains the secret to ultimate control. The key is called the the "Silver Flame". The prophecy says whoever lights the Silver Flame, instantly becomes ruler of their kingdom. The catch is... to light the flame, the help of three special 'prophets' is required. When Kades village is attacked and by a band of the king's army soldiers, she protects herself by accidentally revealing a strange power-one that can only be yielded by one of the special prophets. After displaying her power and uncovering the truth about herself, Kade's life is changed forever. She is taken prisoner by the king and is aided by a mysterious dark prince. Her world tangles in a midst of love, lies, and war. Whether it be resisting the charm of a dark alluring prince, or battling evil with a cocky mysterious pirate--trouble brews on every corner. Kade's vitality has been twisted into a game, where she is the key to the supreme glory of the Silver Flame.


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The Facad...
by _kaywrites