The Leviathan | Man...
By superstrmtrooper
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❝Their love was a tragedy. A trajectory towards greatness that ended in a storm of fire and ice.❞ ✶ The ancient tales of the Leviathan preceded the rumours of the bounty hunter that adopted the serpent's name. A haunting scaled figure, forged of fire and water, casting thundering chaos upon its prey. But the life of a bounty hunter was not promised for Katsumi Sonja. Blood did not quell her thirst as the sea dragon of her home did. Peace, prosperity, and hope of finding her brother did. With the hymns of the force at her disposal, famed bounty hunter Leviathan saved her pay-checks to begin her journey on finding the lost prince of Draggone. Yet, when the Leviathan reaches her supposed last mission, she is at a crossroads with her moral compass. The quarry is a child with force sensitivity, a connection she has not felt in ages. The want of safety for the child lies within her heart, but it's bounded with ironic fate. The Mandalorian, both her rival and hunter, has also sworn to protect the child. SEASON ONE OF THE MANDALORIAN


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The Levia...
by superstrmtrooper