Reject (BoyxBoy)
By ILOVEYOU12hockey
  • Werewolf
  • alone
  • boyxboy
  • lost
  • love
  • mate
  • rejection
  • runaway


Jake was not an average werewolf he was the runt the smallest and easiest to target when jake was young(8) he told his family he liked boys they shunned him and he felt alone his sister and brothers left him and his parents did to jake was left alone and sad and left to get beaten by the whole pack and the worst to get raped by his father.... Then there was.... Xzavier he was the Alpha to be and thought of only himself and was popular he had it all and slept with every girl that would hit on him his current girlfriend being jakes sister Becca or Rebecca and his beta jakes brother Caleb made everything worse.... When Jake turned 17 he was happy to find his mate always thought he would love him and cherish him forever BUT that all changed when he walked downstairs....


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Reject (B...
by ILOVEYOU12hockey