Break My Heart Agai...
By Mahone_is_forever2
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Becky Gomez is a 16 year old who is deeply in love with the 17 year old Austin Mahone. They've dated for a while then broke up. No matter how many times Becky tries to move on he is always in her mind. She always hated love until love itself strucked her hard. She grew up abused by her parents and now she still hates them with all of her heart. She is really negative about things. Austin had helped her at times where he felt like it. He was always breaking her heart, she didn't care if he played her as long as he was always talking to her. She never felt like he loved her, that to him he thought it was all a game when to her it felt like there was actually something between them. Even though Becky has trust issues with him sometimes she still loved him and even though he treated her like shit she still loved him. Will he keep breaking her heart? Will Becky ever get tired of it? Will she ever get over him? Find out on 'Break My Heart Again'!


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Break My...
by Mahone_is_forever2