Lightless Flame
By EllenTheWitchHunter
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In a world full of people with elemental powers, you find all kinds of individuals. Annabeth's life is quite ordinary. She did have her bumps on the road, her father dying to cancer when she was 13. That alone changed her. She now wants everyone to be happy, and that wish granted her the power of fire. Now she is 15, her family and home life is a lot more stable, and she is going to a High School. A High School where ranks and powers are everything. Annabeth also comes in contact with a guy in grade above hers, who is an outcast. He has been judged and thrown under the bus because he has no elemental power. But what will happen when she discovers that he isn't so powerless? WARNING: If you don't like gay relationships, this story is not for you. If you still want to read it despite the warning, then don't bother me.

Part 1: The First Day

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by EllenTheWitchHunter