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[MAFIA FICTION] "Look what we have here.. " He spoke, smirking, in his deep sensual voice that made me skip few heartbeats and my breath. The way his voice teased me, showed he knew how bad I'm craving it. I covered my burning red face, squirming, shyly. "Oh No, No, baby , if you do that, how will I get a view of the moment that I waited for so long, my Blossom" he whispered, pinning my hands over my head firmly, positioning himself between my legs once again to have a view of me under his dominance and control. His intense stares made me go crazy. I could feel my heart pounding on trampoline in my chest. I couldn't believe this breathtaking inked God was so close to me, in such an intimate moment that I only dreamt of.. Thinking of all this made me bit my lip and look away in overwhelming shyness. He grabbed my face with his hand made me face him, "If my baby looks away one more time, I'll have to reconsider the reward. I want you to look at me and only me... Am I clear, Blossom?" he spoke, his voice producing a sense of vibration throughout my body everytime he spoke. ♚▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃♚ Roslyn Pearl, a sweet, innocent girl, happy in her small little world. Being sweet, she is a little mouthy that gets her in troubles. Being clumsy is her hobby. Her live is full of colors and happiness,but one night, everything changed........ Will this naive soul make it out of this dark world or get trapped forever? Alonzo Knight, being one of the most feared man in the states and overseas, he gets everything he sets his eyes on. New women every night and as many as he wants. Never ever in his life he did 'Love'. Will that change when he wants her..........? Let's find out more inside.......


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by Parqcxcm_hoe