Spawn of Satan
By Troplet
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When Hope's sin file case is mishandled by her assigned demon and angel, she is the first person in centuries to undergo the forbidden (and lazy) death test. When faced with the option of saving a group of old ladies or her brother from being run over by an ice cream truck, Hope's choice delivers her to Hell. However, when the afterlife system detects a fault in her file, her caseworkers are slapped on the wrist for going against the sin marking policy. They make Hope sign an NDA before giving her a second chance at life. The only problem is, her brother is still stuck in Heaven and dead. With Lena's eighteenth birthday fast approaching, pressure from her father increases tenfold; he wants her to make the choice, to forsake him and go to Heaven or take over the family business. She wants to take a vacation from Hell to clear her head and maybe learn about the humans she might reign over in their death. The only way for Lena to get out of Hell undetected is to journey with newly pardoned Hope and Hope's only option in kidnapping her brother from Heaven without dying is with the Spawn of Satan's help. Once they get to earth? Well . . . that's when it gets interesting.

Spawn of Satan

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Spawn of...
by Troplet