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By bananacat12
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y/n is a 14 year old girl who finds herself in a zombie apocalypse. she meets friends (bts) along the way and they have to work together to survive, escape the zombies and get her back home to her parents, will they still be there by the time she gets back? y/n is very childlike, quite shy and fun (just so you know, i have been writing this book for a year now; the grammar and spelling at the start is tragic but i swear it gets a whole lot better) i have a version of this where y/n is 18, she is more confident, sassy, sarcastic and has the habit of swearing quite a lot, the chapters are not up to date as this one has 50+ and i have only just started the other one -⚠️discusses themes of assault, violence, mental health, abuse. i have put warning signs on chapters that contain these and which one -some swearing but it censored most of it with a '*' -this is the first story i am writing so i am sorry if it isn't good, i will accept suggestions so feel free -the first few parts are inspired by jacio aki's story "the undead" on youtube -i started writing this a while ago and am going back and continuing it now so i'm sorry if it's bad (i am slowly going through and editing the previous chapters) -i don't own any of the bts members :)

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bts zombi...
by bananacat12