The Heartbreakers C...
By CaliLuv13
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In Vista Creek High of Scottsdale, AZ there's been a dynasty of six souls reincarnated every four years. These six all have got one wicked talent. Stay away is what your ancestors have told you. The six don't fully proclaim their powers until senior year, but they're evident all throughout their high school years. Remember one thing Stay Away. Sunglasses won't help. You won't turn to stone. Silver crosses and garlic... Forget about it. And don't even bother with silver bullets, you'll just receive capital punishment from AZ State Courts. One thing left. A spell. Not if they're the ones putting it on you. They aren't Medusas, but they'll turn you're mind to obsession. They aren't Vampires, but they'll suck you dry. They aren't Werewolves, but they'll ravish you in the night. They aren't Witches, but they'll put a spell on you. They've got to be a Satanist Cult right? Wrong... well if you consider shattering everyone's hearts into millions of pieces work of the devil then sort of. But they aren't. They're The Heartbreakers. No love only lust and gain for their wicked game. Play along with their little joke, but whatever you do DO NOT Fall in Love.

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The Heart...
by CaliLuv13