Rightfully His
By brightlights101
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  • suicide


A stripper. An Italian mafia boss. And an unexpected pregnancy. Andrea Capaldi was a selfless woman who would do anything to help her family when they needed it. When her fathers restaurant started to fall apart after giving away almost all of his earnings to low life gangsters, Andrea knew she had to do something before their family restaurant could be foreclosed on. Desperate times call for desperate measures and she took a job at a strip club where she knew she could make fast and easy money. But what Andrea didn't expect to happen was to fall pregnant by a man she was giving a private dance to. The clubs number one rule was to never go home with the client because it would only lead to two things: obtaining and STD or getting pregnant. And after one toe curling night, she wounded up pregnant with an unknown man, who happens to be Europes most feared and respected don named Matteo Salvatore. Matteo Salvatore was a man who people feared and respected. After taking over his fathers legacy he destroyed cities and built empires in his name so everyone knew that he was the godfather of power and status. He cared for no one and he wanted to keep it that way until that one unexpected night. Everything he believed in was thrown out the window and all he could think about was claiming her as his. And once he found out she was carrying his child the need grew stronger until he finally found the leverage he needed to forcefully make her his. It wasn't going to be easy but he always loved a challenge. ... "You may not love me now, but I intend to have that changed." If this is the way of him saying he loved her, she was utterly shocked. Love was such a powerful word to use, and it takes a big person to come out and declare it. Even though he didn't specifically use those three big words, it spoke volumes. Andrea responds, shocking the both of them as she states, "then prove it."


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by brightlights101