Selena: Changing Th...
By -END1555-
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Alexander Mercer always thought that after death you will go to heaven to spend eternity there. But he never would have imagined that he would get a chance to go to the past and change it. Alex wished that he could go back before 2000 or back before the horrible fateful day of 1995 when the most amazing and beautiful singer known as Selena Quintanilla died. But his wish was answered when an unexpected person gave him the chance to go back in time and change the past. He will change it no matter what and he will make sure that Selena will have a family and for her to keep producing music that inspired and changed people.....No matter what happens, he will succeed. OC x Selena Quintanilla.

Chapter: 1

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Selena: C...
by -END1555-