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By EcliptiX_
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With the defeat of Gaea everything seemed fine, but Percy has a secret that he has yet to tell his friends. With her final words Gaea cursed Percy to be forgotten by everyone he knows and everyone he will ever meet in his life on Earth. Follow along as Percy tries to deal with the fact that he will be erased from the minds of everyone he knows and cares about and what adventures and challenges he faces next. This is my attempt at a Percy Jackson fanfiction, it's technically a Chaos fanfic because I like the idea of them, but it will take its time to progress there. I've tried to limit the number of clich├ęs and make it as original as possible but with the number of them out there it's hard. Feel free to leave any suggestions of what you what like to see and if its interesting I might try to put it in there. Criticisms are also welcome as I am by no means a writer. Also a disclaimer, surprisingly enough I do not own Percy Jackson or any of the characters affiliated with the PJO or HOO series, they all belong to Rick Riordan, I technically own any original characters and the plot but that's not really important

The Beginning

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Percy Jac...
by EcliptiX_