The Writer and the...
By Alwayshornycuzwhynot
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[ON HIATUS] ••Highest rankings•• #1- Malestripper #3-Publicity Famous author Harley Storm was not expecting to be dragged to her bestfriend's bachelorette party but what she also did not expect was experiencing a night full of passion with one of the strippers. She was a writer. He was a stripper. Publicity followed her everywhere. He hated the constant judgmental eyes. Their personalities and lives clashed yet the intense sexual chemistry has them craving for more. Except it wasn't going to be that easy. ❦ ❦ ❦ "Don't ever try to get inside my head," He snarled, backing her up against the wall. For several beats they stayed there, his grip crushing her wrist. Finally, his mismatched eyes softened "It's too dark for you." A harsh bitter laughter filled the room "Cute, but darkness is all I have ever known." She paused, "You can't save me from it."


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The Write...
by Alwayshornycuzwhynot