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Clove Tali a little baby. In his eyes. Oliver Wolf a savior. In her eyes - - - - ⚠️WARNING 17+⚠️ ⚠️MATURE CONTENT AND SELF LOATHING⚠️ ⚠️VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED⚠️ Clove left to fend for herself with her baby brother. Consumed by a physco. In the head space of a monster. A quiet innocent girl left with fear and only fear. Left with nothing but holds so much love. Oliver left with a state. Left with billions. Left with hunger and hate. Left to save his little sheep. To save her fear. To save her. Funny the one causing fear to others is the one to save the baby sheep. - - - - - He spreads his large hand into my skirt and I squeeze my eyes shut. I start to breathe really heavy. "No, little sheep. No me hagas castigarte. Look at me baby." He leans down to my ear. "Look at daddy while he places his hand on your flower and makes you faint from all the pleasure your pussy is receiving, si?" He says painfully stroking my princess parts. "My little toy, hm?" He says stroking, harder now. Feeling my wet panties against my flower. As he lets me explore this tingle I can never explain. ⚠️WARNING 17+⚠️ ⚠️MATURE CONTENT AND SELF LOATHING⚠️ ******* #1 in "soft"//10.1K #1 in "naive"//1.7K #1 in "innocent"//13.5K #1 in "submit"//3.9K #1 in "cute" //178K #1 in "goodgirl"//29.4K #1 in "stephenjames" //1.4K #1 in "daddy's girl" //5K #1 in "daddydom"//3.1K #1 in "daddyslittlegirl"//156 #2 in "possessive"//5.5K #2 in "love"//1.71K


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