Cheap Cigarettes
By electricblue85
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His tired dark eyes gazed steadily into mine, alight with a tenderness I didn't deserve. "Toi et moi, mon ange," he whispered. "Always." I let my imagination carry me to a reality where smiles and kisses were more plentiful than goodbyes. It was quiet there. We weren't bleeding. Every room had a window. Olive branches were never too far away. Inhale. "Toi et moi, mon ami." Exhale. ___ Six years after the 2020 acid storm plunged the world into a dystopian reality, Max was 24 and hanging on by a thread. His mental health was in shambles. His aliases were burned. His powers felt like more of a burden than a blessing. He was tired of being hunted, and like many with his abilities, expected to be captured or dead before the age of 40. Out of necessity, he learned how to dwell in the cold shadows: using his powers sparingly, doing bad things to protect himself and others. But when Max learned that his existence was no coincidence, the stakes were raised. He had no choice but to step out of the shadows, to fight and protect the Aces like him, the family he adored---the one he loved---even if it killed him. ► TW: Violence, adult language, mental health themes that may be better suited for audiences 16+ ⌚︎ Updates every 7-10 days ▪ Start Date: December 28, 2020 --- 🥇First Place. The Carnival Awards, Third Edition (2021). Science Fiction. 🥇First Place. The Blue Neighborhood Awards (2021). LGBTQ+. 🥇First Place. The Souhaits Awards (2021). Science Fiction. 🥇First Place. The Guilded Raven Awards (2021). Little Extras. 🥇First Place. The Aphrodite Awards (2021). Science Fiction. 🥉Third Place. The Carnation Awards (2021). Science Fiction. ⭐️ Honorary Mention. The Banana Awards (2021). Romance.

Chapter 1

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Cheap Cig...
by electricblue85