Step Daddy Keith
By Itz_zo_Izzy
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They say its the worst when your parents get divorced. Y/n thought they'd always be the happy little family everybody saw but you know what they say, nothing lasts forever. When Keith comes across her life in the most unexpected way it turns her whole world upside down. They struggle to ignore the obviously, strong feelings for each other. Trying to keep their misunderstood love hidden from everyone in their lives and in the crazy rock n' roll lifestyle turns out to be harder than they thought. "Oh come on Y/n don't be so naive!" He yelled frustratedly causing me to flinch slightly and take a step away from him. "Come on kitten just give into me already can't you see I want you, can't you see that every time your around me and wear those little skirts, or you look at me with those eyes or say that damn word all I want to do is pound into you so hard you won't be able to walk for the next week!" He let it all out breathing heavily at this point. I was shocked yet my core burned to know exactly how he felt about me. Will their love pull through? Or will it crumble? Will someone else get in the way? Started: 12/31/20 Highest rankings #1 The Rolling Stones #1 Keith Richards #1 Mick Jagger #1 Bill Wyman #1 Ronnie Wood #1 Charlie Watts #1 Mick Taylor #1 Classic Rock #1 David Bowie #1 60s #1 80s


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Step Dadd...
by Itz_zo_Izzy