Young Shifter ||AOT...
By Senopii
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You..had an unusual situation. You were right there on the day your Mom was devoured by the mouth of a 'Titan'. You had just been found after being lost for the past 6 hours. Your best friend, who was around the age of 7, lead you deeper and deeper away from the center of town. He stopped suddenly, but then pulled out a needle with purple liquid inside, "Listen here, (Y/N)...I won't blame you if you resent me the rest of your life for this, I am being so selfish. I stole this serum from my elder brother. He gave me the ability to turn into a titan nobody has ever seen....I. just can't handle it, so I will entrust it to you." He said as you stood with confusion in your eyes. You let out a simple "Huh?" You were only 4, so you barely understood half of what he was even saying. He sighed then looked at you, determinations lingering in his eyes. "I am entrusting the future to you." x- Achievements -x ---------------------------- levi : #1 on 12/28/21 armin : #1 on 5/15/21 attackontitan : #1 on 4/14/21 titan: #1 on 11/26/21 aotxreader : #2 on 4/9/21 aot : #8 on 4/30/21 leviheichou : #3 on 4/29/21 arminarlert : #1 on 7/24/22 aotfanfic: #1 on 12/13/22 -+ .... +- Thank you for all the amazing support this book has received! I appreciate everyone who decided to read this story and i'm so happy people enjoy it!


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Young Shi...
by Senopii