Your Loyalty to Me...
By Purpleunicornwhat
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"I WANT TO BURN HIM!" "What, why?" "He fucking broke my heart, Aria! He lied! Then he went off and shamelessly cheated on me like the egoistic immortal he is!" "Oh sweetie, you can't burn him. Apollo isn't flammable - trust me, I've tried." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aria is the servant of the Greek god of the sun... and a whole load of other things too bothersome to name. A hate-hate relationship full of insults, constant bickering on Mount Olympus and pranks between the two just happens to take a U-turn two and a half thousand years later and they fall for each other. But it could be too late by then. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I recommend that you read this book AFTER reading the original book. To all the people that ALREADY HAVE read the original book - I have answered your pleas for an alternate ending. Except it's going to be cannon. 😁

1: How my Life Went Downhill Since I Met Zeus

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Your Loya...
by Purpleunicornwhat