Bottled memories (k...
By rosieebeaa
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Y/N has been best friends and neighbors with the one and only Nekoma Captain, Kuroo. You've been through everything together, but you're worried your feelings will ruin everything... should Y/N just keep quiet or tell Kuroo how she feels? Hii guys! I'm new to all this so sorry if there are any mistakes... this is my first story so I really hope you like it, I also don't intend on people to actually find this, but it's all for fun! also side note, I wanna try to keep this story as fluffy as possible and not so angst. (they're may or may not be some NSFW stuff too but idk yet:p) also if this story does end up getting noticed I will most likely make one a continuation that's more.. spicy;)

The boy next door

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Bottled m...
by rosieebeaa