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I raised up the knife with full force and dragged it close to my neck. I was about to slice it but a soft pleading voice inside me cried. This is the first time I'm attempting suicide. Normally, a thought like this would never cross my mind but what happened the day before is enough for me to jump into a well. Death is inevitable but it came too soon.. I never knew that something like this would happen. My life was what thousands of people are wishing for but I guess nothing is permanent. Rich parents... perfect grades..... Perfect looks .... Cara, aren't you ready? My aunt, Joke barged into my room and asked...... Wait, what's that in your hands?? You want to kill yourself?? She rushed to me and slapped the knife from my hands. What's all this? If you're not careful, I'll take you to a boarding school across the country! As if I care, I replied icily. I expected her to continue talking and start lecturing me, I was already planning to ignore her but she suprised me by saying "Be ready in ten minutes" then she left. Her parents died...She got sent to a boarding school because of her behaviors hoping she'll stop..... Blending into the new life She finds a reason to live Only to be betrayed Turn the pages of the book to find out.

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by Kummie_Love