The Gods Play (Gods...
By MyrandaHaarman
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★ ROMANCE / FANTSY / MYTHOLOGY / TEEN FICTION / ADVENTURE / ACTION★ Don’t mess with the gods. You don’t want to play their game. Penelope, who would much rather be called Pennie, was happy with her life. She and her only other living relative, Papa George, have gotten along fine for the past 18 years. Besides the fact that she has been haunted by a recurring nightmare that will never fade. But when Penelope least expects it she is looking deeper into her parents’ mysterious deaths and is forced to travel to Greece where she meets an all but alluring man who thinks he can help her. Eventually, she is thrown into a world she never knew existed, and she is unprepared for what’s going to happen next. Everyone is not as they seem, and Pennie must decide between the life she's always known, or the life that has been for told. A story of love, loss, and self discovery. Book one in The Gods & Goddesses Anew Series The Gods Play The Goddess's Tragedy The Immortals' Last Stand


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The Gods...
by MyrandaHaarman