Sweet X Bakery X Co...
By XxEclipseArtsxX
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Read the tags once you're done with the description >:3 Two bakery owners...well not really, they just work there. But anyways here's the story. They are in competition with each other on being one of the best bakeries in town and it gets tricky because one of them sends their siblings to be spies while the other sends their two bestfriends as spies as well. No smut. EVER I'll try to do comedy. My humor is broken. Gonkillu or Killugon. I'll let you decide. Ok go easy on me I've written stories before but I'm still editing them and trying to make them better. This is like my 4rd story I'm trying to write AND FINISH. HXH DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. THIS IS A FANFIC. ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO THE CREATOR AND I ONLY EDITED THE COVER. Credit to the original artist thank youu~

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Sweet X B...
by XxEclipseArtsxX