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By GratianaLovelace
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Christmas is a time of year that everyone who celebrates it looks forward to. Yet, when you have lost a loved one or are facing health or financial difficulties Christmas can be a challenging time of year. Two years ago in 2008, the then 32 year old Diana Groves lost her husband to a tragic accident at work in a manufacturing plant when a machine arm came loose and bashed him in his head and killed him instantly. Diana was grateful that her husband Benjamin didn't suffer, but that blessing is still cold comfort now two years later as she raises their now four year old son Benjy as a single parent. But Diana and Benjy will receive the gift of Christmas love and compassion this year, if Diana can set aside her sorrow to build a new future for her and for her son Benjy. So love and loss, and love again will need a bit of magic & mistletoe to bring joy and happiness to Diana and her son Benjy again this year.

"Of Magic & Mistletoe": Prologue

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by GratianaLovelace