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JENNIE KIM, LALISA MANOBAN, NEED A PLACE, TO TELL THE TRUTH. YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT, BUT THAT'S HOW IT IS. "Fame is the real drug. It's an addiction. You have a constant need to be seen, to be recognized, to feel good. The desire to be famous, to be noticed by someone else... haunts your being. And the popularity increases your ego. You feel the thrill of being observed and adored, the craving to be admired grows more and more, and when you have it, it's hard to imagine a life without fame." FOR YOU. -Our kiss becomes longer, deeper, she gasps for air. I try to make my way to the bed but Jennie squirms and I end up slamming my back against the makeup room door. "Oh shit! Lisa!" "Come on, what's wrong babe." Why she's acting like this, why she is so nervous? She keeps pushing me away with his forearms pressed against my chest, but my craving is extreme; I'm tired, exasperated by being away from you Jennie. I slip a hand under her shirt trying to reach her bra but once again she tries to escape from my grip; with eyes wide open as if she wanted to scold me for something. Then something freezing me instantly. "What the..." Jennie smacks her hand over my mouth, and pushes her body to the floor. The door handle moves against my back.- Based on "real life" and real characters Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, Rosè from Blackpink. All their secrets, all their love, all their pains, are revealed. #blackpink #jenlisa #truth #jenniekim #lisamanoban #jisookim #rosèpark


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