Fight For This
By brendaxstarz
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It's been thirteen years, thirteen years since the two youngest siblings of the Cavendish family were kidnapped. Castiel Miller Cavendish boss of the American Mafia had made a promise to his parents on their death bed that he will do whatever it takes to bring their youngest siblings back to their family. What will happen when they find them and see they aren't the same little kids they used to know? What have they been through these thirteen years? And will they be able to breakdown the walls they've built around themselves all these years? - Amethyst and Alec Remington have been on the run for the past four years. Always looking over their shoulder, enemies hiding behind the shadows, waiting to strike against them. They only trust each other in this world full of darkness and chaos but what happens when they realize they have a family out there looking for them. With threats and past memories hanging around their head, will they be able to trust their family?. Or Will they do what they do best? Run and survive. - A pending war, a test of survival, a family that would see their enemies tremble in their wake. Will the Cavendish family stay at the top or will their kingdom fall burning into nothing. 📍Updates Irregular


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Fight For...
by brendaxstarz