Out Yonder - Dreamn...
By offlinenights
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⚠️ANGST WARNING⚠️ //:\\ This story is semi based off the song Yellow by Coldplay, not entirely though !! George and Dream met in a café, Dream decided to take a seat with George, and from that point on, their friendship grew, and maybe even more then "just friends"... //:\\ This story contain things that may be triggers to some, so please, If you aren't comfortable with the listed bellow, stop reading: - Blood - Self harm - Attempt(s) at Suicide - Hospitalization - Slight NSFW - Attempt at Drowning - Different Phobias of sorts (Water/Drowning, Blood, etc) - Panic attack(s) - Anxiety - Insane/Psychotic Behavior TW/CW's WILL be given if they're needed, and if not needed, it'll be addressed at the very beginning of each chapter !! //:\\ Please please please, if you aren't comfortable with those topics then don't read this! I don't want anyone to panic or gain some sort of trauma from this story if that's possible !! Hope you enjoy reading this story! If you do, thank you for reading ! I love all of you dearly, drink some water, eat something, you're loved, I love you. >:T <3 And with that, enjoy the story !! - gray


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Out Yonde...
by offlinenights