coming together ||...
By wh0renstyles
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after suddenly leaving her boyfriend, Noelle is left alone with nowhere to live. yet after finding out her best friends brother harry is in need of a roommate she hesitantly moves in. but little did she know what she was getting herself into. not to mention the fact harry isn't exactly thrilled about Noelle being his new roommate and neither is she, with their long history of disputes and feelings something is bound to go wrong. harry really only knows how to let his emotions out through song writing and Quinn uses all her emotion and time to create new designs for her hopeful clothing line. the pair of them have undealt with pain which they keep burring but what if the two wind up digging it up whilst coming together in the process? sexual content included :) TW: MENTION AND SCENES OF ABUSE. MENTION OF DEATH. ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE.

intro + characters

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coming to...
by wh0renstyles