Riddles to be solved
By priya_shady
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Roy's family decided to have a fresh start by shifting into a new mansion, but things changed in a way that they never even have imagined in their dreams. They have two grandsons David and Alex. David is few years older than Alex who joined a new High school where he met Anamika, but that's when everything went downhill. David is abducted by Master, and to rescue him Master gave Anamika two options. Anamika had tried hard before to escape from Master, but he always knows where she is and what she is doing. He had already harmed many people, even killed some. But now Anamika's family, her friend's lives are in danger and she won't stand still without saving them from Master. Anamika had to choose between two options, first to give Master the precious thing which she had or Second to solve the riddles Master gave to them to find David. What will they choose? Will they be able to escape from Master? What is that precious thing which Master wants from Anamika? And Will they get to know who Master is? Let's find out together. Achievements: 🏆 1st place - Authors Awards. 🏆 3rd place - Dream Hearts Awards.

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Riddles t...
by priya_shady