The Lucky Fan (Self...
By VChesterG
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Lara Alonzo, a 23-year-old waitress, has nothing to pay for the massive debt that her late father left their family. The iota of amount that she's earning is only enough for her and her little sister's daily needs. That is why she has no choice but to nod when one hard condition occurs-to become an adult entertainer as a payment for the debt of her father. With the side-job that she entered, will she be able to pay the debt of her father before her boyfriend find it out? Or will it give her nothing but a catastrophe that will maneuver her ill-fated life into a sequence that is more challenging . . . more deteriorating . . . more indecent? Started: January 4, 2021 Ended: February 25, 2021 DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FILIPINO LANGUAGE STORY

The Lucky Fan

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The Lucky...
by VChesterG