The Sorceress
By menagerie12
  • Fantasy
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  • genocide
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Nylein Wynters and her master, Frolyn Everwhist, are the very last two of their kind. They are the very last people to wield magic. The very last Sorcerers. The Wolves from all around the world have wiped the Sorcerers out, their intent to make them extinct. Frolyn found Nylein when she was only a toddler, slashed and bloodied from when her and her parents were attacked. Frolyn took her under his wing and raised her as his own, since he had lost his own family from an attack. He wears the scars of the battle proudly and chooses to not use an enchantment to cover them. During the years of raising Nylein, he has made her his apprentice in the ways of Sorcery. They have had many close encounters with the Wolves. They are constantly on the run to avoid the possibility of death and the extinction of their kind. And one factor has Frolyn running even more and even faster to save and protect his apprentice. It's a factor none of them even saw coming. (Completed)

1~ Scrying

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The Sorce...
by menagerie12