My Blood - Weasley
By totsbreaux12
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SEQUEL to "March to the Sea - George Weasley" Edith Sirina Weasley-half of the newest pranking duo to step foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unlike the Second Wizarding War, there is a still peace and serenity that flows through the wizarding world. After all, they had lost so much already. With the newest additions to the school, and the new threat looming over the world, will Edith become a part of the next generation of children set to fight in a battle? There are many things kept secret from the children after the Second Wizarding War, and there are things even the heroes were not prepared for. ** Edith Weasley-daughter of Lorelei and George Weasley from "March to the Sea." This will be her story with a new male OC as the love interest. ** started: january 1, 2021 ongoing ** rankings:


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My Blood...
by totsbreaux12