Broken Pirouettes (...
By xPurpleStarz
  • Teen Fiction
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  • dance
  • embarrassment
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  • hate
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  • sabotage
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To Nadia Smith, dance is life. Ballet, hip hop, free style, all that 'jazz'; haha, get it? Spending everyday practicing for a dance competition, she no time for anything else. But when Nadia fractures her foot because of a certain handsome but nosy neighbour, she has no more hope. How can she dance with a broken foot? How can she give the competition her very best? Having lost all her thoughts of even dancing in the competition, the most Nadia can do is hate on her annoying neighbour. What happens when that very neighbour offers to help her win? But that's not all. Add in a babysitting job for a kids party, being a helper at the summer fest dance, being a date at the same summer fest, all at the same time. Nadia can handle it all . . . right? _ 🎉 #1 in graceful 🎉 #10 in sabotage 🎉 #11 in boynextdoor _ 🏆đŸĨˆ2nd Place in Aphrodite Awards for Teen Fiction/Chic-Lit Šī¸2020-2021 by xPurpleStarz


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