Not So Innocent (Se...
By shantii14__
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" Money makes the world go 'round. Pussy? Yeah pussy rules the world, baby " It all started in the Playa's Paradise. Making dumb dough...Then Falling for God...and then having Cartel. Everybody thought that having a baby would make me settle down and stop being me. Yeah right, Lord knows I love my son with everything in me. But mama got to get out here and get it for the both of us. Daddy doing time, mama on her grind, and auntie watching over you. It started in the Playas Paradise. Ice was at the top...everybody loved her and wanted to be her....She let it all get to her and now Queen of the Devils Den, is back. And everybody is after her. What happens when enemies come back? Shots are fired? MVPs are back on the pole? And Thugs are getting released from Prision? OH , SHES NOT SO INNOCENT..

Chapter One

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Not So In...
by shantii14__