His Butler, Betroth...
By AttackOnMH
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(Y/N) was talking on her Cellphone as she wondered the busy streets of London, as she held a scolding, hot to-go-cup full of Earl Gray. She was so wrapped up in thought, that you bumped into a 6ft tall, Mahogany eyed, man, who was walking beside what looked to be a Emo Pirate. Spilling your Tea all over the handsome man. After that day, you seemed to see him everywhere. You then ran into him once again, but without spilling your cup of Earl Gray this time. He asks you to tea, and this pick up from there. Read this book to find out where your relationship goes with this dark Handsome stranger from there. {Note: This is my first XReader, so please bear with me. :3} *Disclaimer:* I do not own Black Butler, Sebby( No Matter how much like to. xD), or any other Black Butler Chracters. All rights go to FUNimation, and the Black Butler Production Crew.

His Butler|| Stained

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His Butle...
by AttackOnMH