Dark Academia- Spen...
By reesesworld
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"Oh shit, I'm so sorry, please let me help you with that" a lanky man with curly hair and a cut jaw said, who now joined her on the floor, helping collect exam papers that littered the tiled hallway. "Please do not worry about it, I'm always in my own little world, never really paying attention." She held out her hand and introduced herself. "I'm Dr. Zena Barbarage, I'm one of the professors in the science department here." "Dr. Spencer Reid with the FBI, I'm guest lecturing later and thought I would get here early to set up. And I'm so sorry, but I don't shake hands- it's a germ thing." The woman laughed and simply bumped his elbow with hers. In which the token genius of the BAU falls in love with an environmental science professor. *All credit goes to the creators of criminal minds. the only character I own is Zena Barbarage, Cyrus Barbarage, and Delilah Parker*

Chapter 1

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Dark Acad...
by reesesworld